Archie Balachandran

As a weightlifter and sprinter, my body must remain pain free and supple. I’ve been seeing Chris at Melbourne Myotherapy for treatments for the past year. His knowledge and ability to diagnose restrictions, has helped me stay in optimal condition for performance. He’s the best myotherapist in South Melbourne I’ve worked with.

Paul L

I had been training for my first half marathon. Unfortunately 3 weeks out from the event, as I was about to start tapering, the outside of my knee became incredibly painful. I was referred to Chris at Melbourne Myotherapy and Remedial Massage who worked on my ITB and worked on freeing up my hip. I saw him 3 times before the race. That and some basic exercises and I was able to complete the race. Pain free.

Lincoln Hancock

It’s been 7 months since I’ve been able to sit my ass on my heels.  That was when my knee popped out and I had to go under at the ER to get it back in.  But my man Seamus Hayes at Melbourne Myotherapy is sorting me out now and putting my body back into place and helping me get back into competition.

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