dry needling melbourne

Dry needling is a technique where fine needles are inserted into skeletal muscle for muscle pain therapy.

Dry needling (or Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling) is based on western anatomical and physiological principles and is used to treat pain arising from myofascial trigger points. Often referred to as a knot, trigger points are localised portions of muscle tension. Trigger points can cause localised pain or they can refer pain to other portions of the body.

Trigger points form as a result from postural or muscle imbalances. Dry needling works by stimulating neuroreceptors and causes the body to release chemicals which block pain and promote healing.  Benefits from dry needling include pain relief, reduction in muscle tightness and improved performance of treated muscles. Dry needling treatment is generally pain free however, a dull ache and local twitch response may be felt.