Postural analysis is a technique used to identify imbalances and tension patterns within the body.
Postural analysis involves assessing an individual’s body position in either a weight bearing (standing) position or an unloaded (lying) position. It allows us to access where there are structural or functional imbalances.

Once we have your postural analysis, we can then educate you on which posture your body is holding and prescribe a customised treatment plan to reduce any tensions you have by making a correction to your posture.

Tightness in a particular muscle group may be pulling us out of position. Alternatively, weakness may force the body into an unbalanced position and therefore create unnecessary strain in our backs or other structures within our body. Every deviation in our posture will have a compensatory pattern elsewhere, resulting in imbalances.

Conducting a postural analysis is the first step in correcting tension and imbalances in the body so that it moves, functions, and feels better. Then, depending on your body, one of the next steps may be remedial massage, myotherapy, or another service.

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