Nathan is registered member of Myotherapy & Massage in Australia.

Nathan is a qualified Remedial and NeuroKinetic Therapist

Nathan believes that a body that moves well rarely experiences muscle or joint paid. Over the years, he has seen that improving somebody’s movement can improve not just their musculoskeletal wellbeing, but their emotional wellbeing too. He is a huge advocate for empowering clients with the knowledge and skills required to take control of their own care.

The majority of Nathan’s work is based around NeuroKinetic Therapy which is an assessment and treatment method that exposes and resolves faulty movement patterns stored in the brain. He then draws on a variety of deep tissue and myofascial release techniques, scar tissue release, joint mobilisations, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and movement education to effect maximum change as quickly as possible. Additionally, no client leaves without a unique corrective exercise program that turns the results of treatment into long-term change.

Nathan has played numerous sports at club level over the years and he also enjoyed decade long stint as a semi-professional musician. He currently plays squash, cycles and has recently discovered kettlebells With such a varied past, he understands that musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction are just as real when you’re a struggling student, stay at home parent, banker or elite athlete, and it’s your story that holds the key to the solution.


Isaac is a qualified Remedial and Sports Therapist, and is a registered member of ANTA.

Always an avid outdoor lover and understanding that the body is a complex structure, Isaac aims to find the underlying weakness or movement pattern in your body that contributes to your symptoms, whether it is a new pain arising or something that has been there for years. Specialising in muscular activation and combining soft tissue techniques, Isaac taps into the nervous system of the body to allow it to be strong again, thereby dealing with the underlying causes and allowing you to operate at full function, strength and efficiency again. When tissue isn’t shut down, it isn’t painful.

Having worked for Essendon and North Melbourne Football clubs, Isaac has had experience working with some of Australia’s top athletes in an elite environment. Isaac brings this same passion into the clinic, where he has a desire to see chronic pain that inhibits your movement and everyday life, removed from your body.


Coline is a qualified Clinical Myotherapist, registered with Myotherapy & Massage in Australia and the Register of Osteopaths in France.

Coline has a special interest in pathophysiology, neuropsychology and complex cases. She will help in acute and chronic pain symptoms as well as for relaxation in stress related disorders. Her expertise is to bring a holistic approach to care, utilising a variety of different skills including manual therapy such as joint mobilisation and dry needling; physical therapy with exercise prescription and help with mental health.

She has completed a Master’s Degree with research in Osteopathy in France and a Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy in Australia. Her training and experience range from newborns to post-surgery hospital care in adults. She has worked in public hospitals in rehabilitation after complicated surgeries, as well as in private practice treating everyday disorders.


Shaun is a qualified remedial massage therapist and a member of the Australian Association Massage Therapists.

This highly qualified remedial massage therapist has over 10 years experience, specialising in active release techniques (ART), fascial release and functional movement screening (FMS).

Shaun has extensive experience with a multitude of athletes from various sports, including Australian Wallabies, Melbourne Rebles, Waikato Cheifs (Rugby Union), Melbourne Demons (AFL), Melbourne Storm, South Sydney Rabbitos (Rugby League), Malaysian & Jamaican Cycling teams along with many of the world class athletes from the Powerlifting and strong man community.

Shaun himself a power lifting competitor, who holds the record for the heaviest equipped bench press in Australia. A title he has held for over 10 years.

His extensive experience has taught him that remedial massage plays an important role in maintaining peak performance and assisting with injury prevention and recovery.


Chris is a qualified myotherapist and a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists.

Chris is a friendly, approachable Melbourne myotherapist who believes each day is not lived to its fullest unless it involves exercise or recreational activities. His passion for the health and fitness industry has seen him work in a vast range of sporting environments including AFL, Powerlifting, Strongman, Triathlons, Athletics (specifically with sprinters and long distance runners), Brazilian Jui-Jitzu and Mixed Martial Arts.

Chris uses many elements of neurology to restore muscles to their normal function, which may have become inhibited or hypertonic. He also uses many other techniques including fascial manipulation, fascial release, dry needling, deep tissue techniques, and rehabilitative exercises. As a strongman competitor, he knows the importance of strength and stability within a movement pattern, which if performed correctly results in the body’s ability to generate more power and speed.

Chris is a firm believer in the theory that the site of pain and discomfort is more often than not just the symptom and not the cause. His passion is to find and treat the underlining causes of the pain. With the use of his techniques and knowledge, Chris takes no greater pride than seeing the improvements in his client’s health, performance and knowledge.